Entry passes

Participation in our event involves the payment of an accreditation fee. As a non-profit organisation, all of the money raised goes into covering the organisational costs, with any excess being used to further develop the Association by pursuing its objectives. However, bearing in mind how many costs need to be made well before the event, we had to take steps to enable us to raise organisational funds in advance. Therefore, in addition to buying tickets on site at the time of the event, we have also set up a booking system that allows us to reward people who have trusted us enough to pay for their participation in the festival in advance.

Minors are obligated to turn in a Minor Attendee Chart (MAC) to the organizers at the accreditation booth. MAC needs to be filled and signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Entry passes reservations and merchandise orders are handled by:

Entry passes online:

Why make a reservation?

  • Much lower pass price,
  • Faster check-in (when QR code is prepared beforehand),
  • You will certainly not miss out on any gifts (e.g. lanyards, stickers) added as part of your purchased pass and you will get more items!

Premium option:

The Premium option is aimed at anyone who would like a little more from a convention. For 160 PLN you get fantastic convention goodies, including some that aren’t available anywhere else, plus a number of bonuses that will positively impact the entire convention experience. The premium option is available even to those who have already made a reservation, so if you like our offer, we encourage you to take advantage of it.

Why you should go Premium?

What goodies are you getting with Premium?

  • T-shirt,
  • Mug,
  • Echiko sticker set,
  • Tote bag*,
  • Metal pin*,
  • Badge,
  • Bubble Tea coupon,
  • 20 AniYen (prize store points).

Convention goodies:

Every year, our events offer special commemorative goodies that can only be purchased at them. Their quantity is severely limited, and if you want to make sure that they will not run out for you, it is better to order them when you reserve your entry pass.


Preorder price: 65 zł
Price at the event: 70 zł
Male sizes: S – 5XL
Female sizes: S-2XL


Preorder price: 30 zł
Price at the event: 35 zł
Volume: 330 ml

Echiko sticker set

Preorder price: 20 zł
Price at the event: 25 zł
Sheet size:
Number of stickers: 10 + bonus

The visualizations presented here are for illustrative purposes only. The final product may vary slightly.