About Animatsuri

Warsaw’s Japan Culture Festival ‘Animatsuri 2024’ is the 15th edition of our flagship event promoting Japanese culture and pop culture, organized annually by Animatsuri Association since 2008. The convention offers a wide variety of activities. Dozens of speakers will prepare interesting panels, each sharing their passion for Japan. You can also participate in exciting contests, where you will be able to put your anime and pop culture knowledge to the test. Enjoy a veritay of events including: shows, workshops, concerts, and, of course, a cosplay contest! Using all the latest consoles and arcade machines challenge yoru friends in a variety of genres, such as fighting games, VR, and rhythm games. Explore piles of board games and play all night long as attractions will last continuously from the opening until the end of the festival. At Animatsuri you will be able to taste a variety of Japanese (and non-Japanese) food, meet famous guests and, of course, meet old and new friends. We are giving our best to bring the community of fans and enthusiasts of Japan and its culture as much excitement as possible! It’s impossible to expierence it all.. will you try? 😉

About the Organizer

The crew organizing Animatsuri is a group of volunteers passionate about Japanese culture, active since 2006. In 2009, this group gathered to form the association currently known as Animatsuri Association! We have been organizing larger and smaller events with Japanese culture and pop culture themes for 18 years. We always put a tremendous amount of time, energy and heart into the making of each one of them – we create events in such a way that we ourselves would want to participate in them. We are one of the largest and longest-running teams of this kind in Poland. All of our conventions are organized on the principle of for fans by fans – our team does not make any money on its work, and all the revenue from the event goes to its development. Our activities have been acknowledged by many institutions, such as the Japanese Embassy in Poland and the Polish Kendo Association. We kindly invite you to visit us at one of our events and experience the atmosphere of Animatsuri for yourself!